What our clients are saying about us

"Tried many other wine stores... THIS IS WITH OUT A Doubt THE BEST QUALITY, BEST PRICE and BEST SERVICE!!!"
      ~ Jason Brennan (Dougall Store)

"We used Vintners wine for our daughter & son's weddings. Labels were beautiful & the wine was awesome & to the guests' liking. We don't live in the area but when we did we always used Vintner wines. Try some! You won't be disappointed. "
      ~ Linda (Dougall Store)

"Always friendly staff making it easy to get my bottling done. The wine is amazing and I always receive compliments from my friends."
      ~ Kelly M. (Dougall Store)

"I have been a regular client to Vintners on Dougall for over 4 years now. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. You cannot find staff who are more professional and helpful than owner Diane, and team Maria and Jay. Their knowledge of their different wines is accurate. Not only is the wine a preferred price, it is also a preferred taste. I have hosted "blind taste sharing" evenings with friends. Everyone brought their personal favorite wine. We poured samples for all to taste. No one knew which wine was served. My Vintners -Chilean Merlot - won as best red every time. I return to Dougall Vintners for the value, and especially for the personal service that is second to none. "
      ~ Lorraine (Dougall Store)

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 Wine Making Store in Windsor, Ontario, Vintner's Cellar

Vintner's Cellar

3202 Dougall Ave
Windsor, ON, N9G 1X2
(519) 966-0036

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Wine Making Store in Tecumseh, Ontario, Vintner's Cellar

Vintner's Cellar

396 Manning Road
Tecumseh, ON, N8N 4W5
(519) 979-7288

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About Vintner's Cellar

Established and successful VINTNER'S CELLAR Windsor and Tecumseh offer the ability to make your own quality european wines in our stores, from only the finest quality juices from Europe. VINTNER'S CELLAR wines are produced from high quality varietal grape juice. Only GMO Free and 100% food grade ingredients are used with flash sterilization and modern production techniques. Each 23 litre batch produces wine for 30 bottles (750mL).

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