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Italy has been called "Oenotria" which means "land of wine".

The grape vines grow so easily that one begins to expect them to grow from the cracks in the pavement. Because our "Parent" company is situated in Italy, we have the ability to procure some of Italy's finest grape varietals.

These grapes are then transformed into grape juice and grape juice concentrates at our plant in Emilia Romagna and shipped directly to our Montreal facility, then used to produce our renowned Mosto Italiano sterile musts.

Remember: To be true to the spirit of Italy, an authentic Italian feast is recommended to enjoy with these fabulous wines. Salute!

Remember that we also carry a fine assortment of wines from Italy, France, Germany, Australia, Chile, South Africa, New Zealand and California.

Each 23 litre batch produces wine for 30 bottles (750mL).